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Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a week...needs my "peeps"

Hey there,

Friday was extremely stressful at chemo- the FL trip was almost cancelled for me.......

Started off with a sinus infection and strep (we thought) on Monday with a headache everyday since last Sat.- a killer headache I woke up with every day. The dr. thougt I just the headache due to the sinus infection. When we went th to the chemo factory- I had to see the nurse practioner because I still had the stinikin' headache. She was really concerned- could be the cancer was in my brain (or a severe migraine)and the one chemo I take does things to the blood vessels (thus the nose bleeds). If I had chemo I could get bleeding in the brain. YIKES. Sharon, my friend was there to relieve Linda as - Linda was hosting bunco for me at her house and had tons to do. Linda wouldn't leave and was more nervous that I was! I was in a daze, to be honest.

So the soonest they could get me in for a CAT scan was 3:00 which meant I could't get chemo until next week! I was in tears!!!!! So I played the woe is me card- played my little bunny that says a prayer for the dr (Tia had given it to me).....and they called a tech in for an emergency CAT scan. Then Tia showed up as Linda had texted her....So the 4 of us went over to get the CAT scan, waited anxiously for the results AND I do not have any cancer in the brain, was able to squeeze in chemo, got narcotics for the headache and am good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still have a headache- but it is not as strong. YEAH!!!!!!!! Chuck- Denise's husband came to visit me at home with a little chocolate, something, something...(not for the boys) and he took had to go to Naperville to that Cancer Center as the drug is one that needs a dr's signature. The nurse practioneer can't sign it, a fax or phone call wouldn't work- so he drove to N'ville, got the RX filled and saved me! What a guy.

Plus I get to see my dear friend Kim from AZ (who is the culprit who started this whole bog thing) on Monday, as she will be in town for her father-in-law's memorial. Just seeing her will make my yucky day better....we usually treat ourselves to Red Lobster when she comes in as both of our husbands won't go with us- but RL might be a little too much for me. Then we usually shop for a while- it is hard to pass up a shopping trip- esp. with FL next WED!!!! So I will hopefully loose the headache, suck it in and go shopping with Kim!

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