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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Monday, April 5, 2010


I still am getting the hang of this blog thing. I am not- nor will ever be- the techno queen! Went to work this afternoon and my first student I had told me I worry too much (I have had him for 2 years- and am helping him through ENG 1102- the research course) and the second told me to "relax" when I thought he didn't get his assignments done (another student I have had a while and have a great reportoir with). Yikes- a little high strung tonight! I think it is because the hair is really shedding and either they give me an appt. tomorrow to get Tatiana or Denise is bringing over the shears and giving me a buzz cut!

Got a new posse at work "Team Tatiana" with Captain Karen, Barbara and Judy. Karen surprised us with b/c bracelets and now we have a "secret" hand signal to go with it. Gotta have a sense of humor! This thing really hits home with Karen as she has battled this nasty disease in the past.

Holly's daughter, Courtney- came over yesterday or thier Sunday drive and gave me the sweetest pillow that she made. It is pink, with flowers and the b/c ribbon on it. Something to cuddle with!

9 pm- time to go to bed. Kim was rocking and rolling out in AZ with an earthquake. What was she drinking?????

Post Easter..


Waiting for a name for that new do!!! Glad you had a good Easter!!! Yesterday on Easter, we felt an earthquake that happened in Baja, Mexico. As earthquakes do not usually happened in Phoenix...we quickly remembered how there was an earthquake on the day Jesus was crucified!!! He can shake the world Helene...hoping you are feeling great today!!!
I am going to try posting again for you HTFM! After talking to you I totally forgot about this blog. Sounds like you are now looking for a name for your wig. I like Tatiana!! I also like Bertha. I had a car once that I called Bertha Butts because it had been hit in the butt 5 times and always came back for more! You seem to be getting hit and coming back for more, too! I can't wait until I get together with you for lunch on Thursday. Would you object to me bringing you one of those raspberry pies like I fixed at my party last summer? I have one frozen that has your name on it :~) Let me know if you would like it frozen to bake for later or baked!! I will talk to you before Thurs.
Sandy M