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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, September 10, 2010

turned "21"

I had my 21st chemo treatment today and boy did this one zap me out for the whole day! Linda and I left at 9am, and basically I have slept off and on since we got home at 12:30. Linda made the nurses and chemo workers some delish treats and gave us a whole platter, too of homemade Twix bars.....I had lost a few lbs. but I imagine I will put them back on. I was sooooo needing a smoothie today around 3, Tia- bless her heart- went out and got me one from McD's. I am still a little nasuseous and my tongue is so tender that it tastd great and felt wonderful going down.

I think why I had such 2 bad days Wed and Th is because I screwed up some medicine......I went off it cold turkey because I thought I had ordered some in the mail - the 3 month version. Appartently I didn't and going off this med. cold turkey caused me to be so dizzy, lethargic, nauseous ect. Back on it today and hopefully I will recoup faster. It is difficult to keep all my meds sorted out. I am on 16 different RX ones and 5-6 OTC meds.

I was able to go to Tyler's football game Thursday and they got a win!! 14-0 vs. Plainfield South. I look like an old lady with my back supported chair- but with as many herniated discs as I have I would have a difficult time with the bleachers.

Those Bunco babes in Plainfield really are taking care of my family and me. We even had a friend of a friend- Tammy- volunteer to make a meal 2 weeks ago and this week Sarah really out did herself~ Tyler loved his special dessert! Besides helping out my family, it is fun to see what other people can cook. Again- much appreciation goes to Tia for organizing this. Through Tia~I have learned to be gracious and not say no when people are wanting to help me out. I guess you can teach a "seasoned" dog new tricks!

We are just taking it easy this weekend- may have over done it last weekend. I need to "save" my enregy as I am going to Galena with Toni, Doreen and Laura on the 18th- just one night. we plan to relax, shop and eat! I am so thankful to Laura as she is helping me out with all my medical bills- and just tells me what ones to pay. It is such a relief to have this off my mind. Some days I just can't think! I am grateful for her accounting assistance.

So off chemo next Firday :) :) then I see my dr. the week after to discuss what the plan is. Kinda scared.....
xoxo, HTFM