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Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Over Did It

I think I over did it this weekend..... I so want to be "normal" but I think I need to remember that I have this nasty disease and can't do what I want to. I am paying for it now. Thankfully, Tyler got up at 6 am with Mollie Jo...of course I came downstairs at 10 am and he had his 6 ft 1 inch body stuck in a love seat, there was Mollie running in circles and a little pile of poop on the floor while he snored away. Too cute except for the poop!

I did have fun at 2 bbq's- one on Saturday and one Monday. I think the Monday one put me over the edge- energy wise. I had fun shopping with a friend- "Retail Therapy"- I recommend it! Denise came over with a frozen 2 lb meatloaf- my boys do like their meat! It is really helpful to have meals in the freezer. Leanne offered Tim (who is a chef) to cook for us Monday- but we went to Liz's for a bbq. I talked to my brother Billy- which was nice getting caught up with him and what his kids are up to. Linda is in MI but keeps checking in. I am glad she got it in her head that she could go away and not have to be there for my chemo appts. i appreciate all she does- but she needs a life!

Going to work this afternoon- hoping the pain meds take hold soon. Since I overslept- I took my meds late. On Fri. at the dr. appt- we discussed pain management. I am worried that I will become addicted- however, Dr. Kash isn't. He said he does not worry about his cancer patients and esp. with me as I am trying not to take the drugs. I take 2 oxycontin a day (with a vicodin chaser or dialudid) and can't imagine how people take up to 50 of these pills a day. I don;t really think the radiation was a true success....I still have a lot of back pain where the tumor is near the spinal nerves.....

Many thanks go out to Laura- as she is helping me keep track of all the medical bills! What a huge relief for me. She came over yesterday and had figured out what we had paid, what we need to pay and where I am with my lifetime $. Our insurance only has a 2 million lifetime cap- which is not alot when I am looking at long term treatment. We are at about $225,000 right now. I am hoping that Obama's lift of the liftime cap happens sooner than 2014. We may have to have some lemonaqde stands or bakesales....... The hospital charges about $45,000 per month for chemo treatment! After our ppo deductions it is about $25,000 which is what they count for the cap. A lot depends on the new contract that they are working on in
Rob's district....they still have not finished it.

Sorry I am going on and on.....Billy said that this is probably therapeutic for me to write things out- and he is right.

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  1. Okay, no more over doing it!!!! Glad you have a friend to help look through all the bills, those can be a headache. Thinking and praying for you!!!!!!!