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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, September 10, 2010

turned "21"

I had my 21st chemo treatment today and boy did this one zap me out for the whole day! Linda and I left at 9am, and basically I have slept off and on since we got home at 12:30. Linda made the nurses and chemo workers some delish treats and gave us a whole platter, too of homemade Twix bars.....I had lost a few lbs. but I imagine I will put them back on. I was sooooo needing a smoothie today around 3, Tia- bless her heart- went out and got me one from McD's. I am still a little nasuseous and my tongue is so tender that it tastd great and felt wonderful going down.

I think why I had such 2 bad days Wed and Th is because I screwed up some medicine......I went off it cold turkey because I thought I had ordered some in the mail - the 3 month version. Appartently I didn't and going off this med. cold turkey caused me to be so dizzy, lethargic, nauseous ect. Back on it today and hopefully I will recoup faster. It is difficult to keep all my meds sorted out. I am on 16 different RX ones and 5-6 OTC meds.

I was able to go to Tyler's football game Thursday and they got a win!! 14-0 vs. Plainfield South. I look like an old lady with my back supported chair- but with as many herniated discs as I have I would have a difficult time with the bleachers.

Those Bunco babes in Plainfield really are taking care of my family and me. We even had a friend of a friend- Tammy- volunteer to make a meal 2 weeks ago and this week Sarah really out did herself~ Tyler loved his special dessert! Besides helping out my family, it is fun to see what other people can cook. Again- much appreciation goes to Tia for organizing this. Through Tia~I have learned to be gracious and not say no when people are wanting to help me out. I guess you can teach a "seasoned" dog new tricks!

We are just taking it easy this weekend- may have over done it last weekend. I need to "save" my enregy as I am going to Galena with Toni, Doreen and Laura on the 18th- just one night. we plan to relax, shop and eat! I am so thankful to Laura as she is helping me out with all my medical bills- and just tells me what ones to pay. It is such a relief to have this off my mind. Some days I just can't think! I am grateful for her accounting assistance.

So off chemo next Firday :) :) then I see my dr. the week after to discuss what the plan is. Kinda scared.....
xoxo, HTFM


  1. Hi Helene,

    Glad you have wonderful support and wonderful family because you are wonderful too!!!!!! Hope to see you next week at bunco!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah for Laura! Love the shirt! Thanks! Hope you have a great week! Go Bears!!!