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But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Friday, October 22, 2010

Guarded Good News!

The CAT scan showed the tumors as being "stable", however there are 2 "hazy spots" that are new on one of my lungs. They don't know what the spots are. Sooooo- I am officially off of the chemo drug- Taxol and still on Avastin- which is an infusion drug that is suppose to limit the blood supply to the tumors. The Avastin causes me to have bloody noses and makes it more difficult to heal sores. I started on shots in my butt today that are estorgen inhibitors. It was weird- both nurses came in and gave me the shots at the same time in either cheek. It was better than doing one and then the other as the serum is very thick and hurts going in- better than chemo. I will still be on a monthly bone infusion drug. If the blood work comes out ok and I feel ok, the plan is to rescan in 2-3 months, based on the tumor markers in the blood work. This is sure more info. than you want to know!!!!

I have back surgery scheduled for Nov. 18th. The neuro surgeon will go in and drill holes in 2 vertebrae and fill the area with cement. This will hopefully get rid of some of the pain in my upper back where the tumors are. Later on, the other surgeon wants to go in and file down the stenosis that has developed in my lower back. What a life it would be to have less back pain!!!!

Football for Tyler is over and I am grateful we made it through without an injury. Only 3 more years to go. He made a touchdown last night which was cool. I was happy that I was able to go to all 9 of his games as I missed so many baseball games in the spring and summer.

Molly Jo is getting bigger and bolder. Like a 4 year old, she gets annoyed when I am on the phone. She is a diva dog, as she sleeps in with me when I need to. Hopefully- I will gain back some energy in a few weeks as I am off the Taxol. The pain meds cause me to be very tired but if I have the surgery- who knows? I may get that Type A personality back.

My Bunco Babes have been so helpful in making my family and I meals. It has been such a blessing. Two associates at work- Jenny and Barbra have also made me meals the past 2 weeks. Then Denise sent Chuck over with homemade stew and a homemade apple pie this week. I just wish I had more of an appetite- I am sure that will come with being off the Taxol. The boys are sure appreciative of all of the food. Having the meals has really helped me not to have to worry as much.

I so appreciate all of your prayers, good thoughts and positive karma. Keep it going....

xoxo, HTFM


  1. Thinking of you and glad you can have a break from the chemo. Hope that your energy returns soon.