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Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a 38!!!!

Hey there,

Linda and I saw Dr. Kash, my oncologist, yesterday. My tumor markers in my blood work have gone down- to a low of 38. This is good news. He believes that the "nasty boy shots" are the result of this. So...more nasty boy shots in my furture.

The Avastin I get every other week is causing some weird neurological issues- tingling and complete numbness in my hands and fingers, hurtful muscle aches in my arms and bad joint pains. So..... I may go off of the Avastin as I have been on it almost a year. Also, the pain may be caused by the flomata- a bone density drug. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I have been re-diagnosed.... The year has gone by in such a blur. I remember- and still have all of the cards people sent me. I am fortunate to have so much support. But- I will take the aches and pains over going back on the toxic chemo!

I see my second opinion dr. at Rush in a few weeks. She may have some insight to the drugs I am taking, and may know of some studies being done at Rush. I really like Dr. Kash, but I am glad to have another dr. on board. Dr. Kash actually encourages people to look in to a second opinion and is not upset by patients going.

Keep up the good work all of you prayers out there! Keep sending positive karma my way!
xoxo, HTFM


  1. Yeah, glad to hear the numbers are lower. Keep the good news coming and I hope they find a better drug for you? Do they think that alcohol might help?

  2. Great news Helene. I'm with Garvis - a little wine perhaps. Mary