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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Second Opinion 4-22-10

Hey there,

I think people read this thing- either way it is somewhat therapeutic for me to write on this blog. Maybe I should be more aware of my grammar or something...

Denise and I went to Rush in Chicago today. We met with Dr. Lincoln who we both really felt comfortable with. She agrees that I am on the right chemo regime, but feels that specific radiation to 2-3 tumors may help to eliminate some back pain and help with the hoarseness of my vocal cords. She thought that I should possibly be on steroids (here I go Tia!) to help with the hoarseness until radiation occurs. Dr. Lincoln does not think that I will become a drug addict taking so many vicodin a day to control pain (up to 8!). She also agrees with what Dr. Kash- my oncologist says about the following:

I will always be on some form of chemo for as long as I can tolerate it- to reduce the size of the tumors or control them or others from growing. There might be another type of chemo drug (s) to use later on if what I am having now doesn't work. There is also the possibility of taking some form of hormone treatment down the road if I need to take a relief from chemo. (I was on hormore drugs for the past 8 years.) She would like me to check in with her in the future when I need to change the chemo drugs in case they have a study going and other drugs are available to the patients in the study at Rush.

re: my tongue and the nasty burning sensation- I may need to get my vitamin B levels checked and possibly take vitamin B supplements- or I just have to live with this side effect if vit. B is ok.

Linda and I are on for tomorrow for the 4-5 hour chemo trip that is 5 min. least we get a good laugh at things and bring lots of treats!

No bb game tonight but Tyler has a tournament this weekend- but rain is in the forecast. I want to go -but the tournament is in Crestwood- way south of here. All depends on how I feel.


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